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Exaggerator wins Preakness, Nyquist third | Reuters

We did and they didn’t.”

Exaggerator hugged the rail for most of the 1-3/16 mile race before surging into the lead with an explosive burst down the stretch to win by 3-1/2 lengths and end a frustrating 0-4 record against Nyquist, who carried an 8-0 career mark into the race.

Winning trainer Keith Desormeaux, brother of the jockey, said he was confident in his horse regardless of conditions.

“I did what I could to get him happy and fresh and strong and I’ve always said he’s had a great ability to recover and he showed it today.”

Exaggerator took advantage of sloppy conditions and a “dream trip” to win the 141st running of the Preakness Stakes by 3-1/2 lengths in Baltimore on Saturday, ending Kentucky Derby winner Nyquist’s bid for the Triple Crown.

Nyquist trainer George O’Neill was gracious in defeat.

But after Exaggerator made his powerful move, Nyquist could not respond.

The third leg of the Triple Crown series will be in the Belmont Stakes in New York on June 11.

“Hats off to Exaggerator and Team Desormeaux. These turns you want to paint the fence. He still ran a great race.”. Nyquist is such an amazing horse. What a great run,” said O’Neill. “I had a dream trip today.

Race favorite Nyquist finished third, narrowly behind Cherry Wine, in the second leg of U.S. “The horse has been training phenomenally. thoroughbred racing’s Triple Crown series for 3-year-olds after a day of rain at Pimlico Race Course.

Exaggerator had won twice before in the mud, including a rousing 6-1/2 lengths victory in the Santa Anita Stakes, while Nyquist had never raced on a sloppy track before and it showed in the stunning finish at Pimlico.

Cherry Wine returned $9.80 $4.20, while Nyquist paid $2.20 for third place.

“I was on the fence and they all stayed wide. They stayed really wide,” said winning jockey Kent Desormeaux. “I didn’t think we could get beat, to be honest with you.


“I think Nyquist had company all around the course. Exaggerator, the second choice among bettors, paid $7.20 $3.20 and $2.40 for a $2 bet.

Nyquist, breaking from the third post position in the 11-horse field, beat the other speed horses out of the gate and ran from the lead for much of the race.

(Reporting by Larry Fine in New York; Editing by Mark Lamport-Stokes)

Exaggerator finished second 1-1/4 lengths behind Nyquist in the Derby at Churchill Downs but he turned the tables in the Preakness with Hall of Fame jockey Desormeaux using his Pimlico know-how to notch a third Preakness win.

“I hope it’s not only because of the muddy track,” the trainer said after his mount came back strong just two weeks after the Derby

Horse Racing Betting, a Beginners Guide (Part 2)

By looking at the factors we went over last time you should now have been able to select some winners.

There is plenty more factors to take into account when selecting winning horses and when looking at horse racing betting to help you select winners.

The first factor you need to look for is if any horses have already won a race on that course or at that distance. Sometimes you will see a ‘CD’ which means that the horse has won a race at the same distance which was at this course.

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This article was posted on September 14, 2005

About The Author

Horse Racing Betting, a Beginners Guide (Part 2) . To do this you need to look at the right hand side of the horses name. Learn what to look for when selecting horse racing tips.

Horse Racing Betting, a Beginners Guide (Part 2)

 by: Rob Mellor

In part one we went over how to pick contending horses by looking at the jockey, trainer and then finished off by looking at the form of the horse.

Rob Mellor is making a living using his horse racing betting system and you can join him going to his site to learn more about horse racing systems.

One thing you must be careful about when looking at this is that the race may be of a higher class meaning that the selection is racing against better horses which lowers his chance of winning.

In this article I’m going to give you a few more tips on how to select winners and give you a few more factors to look for to narrow down your potential selections

This is very good as the potential selection has already won a very similar race and there is no reason why it can’t win again.

Quickly take yourself to been able to select winning horse racing bets from only a few quick lessons. The letters you will see will be a ‘C’ if the horse has won at the course before and a ‘D’ if the horse has won a race at the same distance

Video Poker – free article courtesy of

The payout depends on the particular type of game begin played.

There are a number of video poker variants, including: Deuces Wild, Jacks or Better and Bonus Poker…

Video Poker

 by: Chen Ching-feng

Video poker is usually played against a machine, which displays the player’s cards on a screen. His numerous articles found on virtual casino web, provide useful and factual gambling information and insight.

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The player places a bet and the video poker machine deals five cards from a standard 52-card pack. The player then has one opportunity to hold or discard any number of unwanted cards, and is dealt an equal number of replacement cards from the deck. . About The Author

After the replacement cards are dealt the winnings are calculated based on the 5-card poker hand.

This article was posted on March 08, 2005

Chen Ching-feng is a successful writer and online gambling expert providing valuable tips and advice for those interested in gambling and online gambling strategies. Combining elements of poker and slots, this form poker is one of the few games in the casino where you can actually have a realistic expectation of winning, as opposed to depending on the pure luck of slot machine games or roulette

Win At Video Poker Reviewed by David Corey

The electronic poker has the same rules. Trust me; a strong foundation in statistics can help you more than anything else in winning at poker. Yes, math. There is not much difference between poker played on table and that played online. You have to match them if you swish to win at video poker.

. But the fact is no such way exists. Learn the strategies the traditional way in order to win at video poker. These poker games are not like those Nintendo games where in you sought for your opponents head to wag to beat them. You never have to run but it all comes to the strategy about the thing.

You might be misled by people to believe about the existence of an easy quick guide to win at video parker. These games are programmed and designed pretty robust and there are no easy tricks to win.

I don’t say that winning is an impossibility at video poker. Regardless of you wishing to win at video poker or gain entry at the World Texas Hold ‘em championship, its good to know the odds and conditions when to bet. A great recreational site I came across is

The initial task to perform when you wish to win at video poker is the study of some basic mathematics. Unfortunately, these are complex mathematical strategies.

The old gambling songs is true as it says “you have to know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em, know when to walk away and know when to run.” You have an option to walk way while trying video poker. The winning strategies can be learnt just like any other version of this amazing card game. Every single player around the table at a World Series of Poker game is definitely a math maestro. It entirely depends on the strategy and anyone be it a professional or an amateur has to learn them. You only need to have a thorough knowledge of the strategies

Las Vegas Casinos – InfoBarrel

The first is the shape of the

building. Angelica Bridges starred on Baywatch and is also a favorite

of Playboy readers. The Gold Spike Hotel and Casino also has a

sports book inside called “Leroy’s Sports book”.

Palms Casino and Resort

While visiting the Luxor Hotel and

Casino make sure you get tickets to the show starring Angelica

Bridges. I disagree.

The New York New York Hotel and Casino is all of the fun of the real

New York but a lot cheaper. Downtown Las Vegas is much funner and generally cheaper then staying on the

Vegas Strip. There are always exceptions and some great deals can be

found for the Las Vegas Strip hotels and casinos during non peak

Regardless of where you want to gamble

in Las Vegas you can always find something cool, tacky, common, rare,

expensive, cheap, or even dirt cheap. When you are speeding up to the

top layer it looks and feels like you are flying of the edge of the

building onto the roller coaster. It is by the Circus Circus Hotel and Casino.

Slots-A-Fun Casino has many low limit table games including $1.00

blackjack. I assume the

inside of the Palms Casino and Resort is just as beautiful. When the Slots-A-Fun Casino is empty of locals and

tourists then it is a very fun place to gamble in Las Vegas. Regardless of your budget you can find

somewhere fun and unique to gamble while visiting Las Vegas.

The Palms Casino and Resort is where

the middle class come to see the rich and famous. If the Aliens

ever come to play poker they will probably come to the Luxor Hotel

and Casino.

Gold Spike Hotel and Casino

In 2007 they replace most of the

Egyptian themed items and decorations. I did once when it was 108 degrees and the

soles on my shoes were soft from the hot asphalt and concrete

literally melting my shoe soles away.

There are many casinos in Las Vegas

Nevada. If you want a tattoo they have a shop inside.

If you visit the Palms Casino and

Resort make sure your bring your camera so you can take a picture of

the Paparazzi who may be there outside snapping pictures of the rich

and famous when they arrive at the Palms Casino and Resort.

The 7-11 convenience stores in Las

Vegas are everywhere. You can find $1.00 black jack or $1,000 black jack tables.

From the high rollers VIP areas in fancy Vegas Casinos to the smoky

keno rooms with ragged carpet. $2.00 Blackjack is

only available occasionally. Many people now days consider the New York New

York Hotel and Casino to be slightly on the tacky side. The

parking garage at the New York New York Hotel and Casino is my

favorite ride. If it is

not a slow night then do not even bother to show up to the

Slots-A-Fun Casino.


The Palms Casino and Resort is a

favorite of Britney Spears when she visits Las Vegas. During peak nights the Slots-A-Fun

Casino is packed with people wanting to play low limit games. The rich and famous

come to the Palms Casino and Resort to be seen by the middle class

tourists. I wonder when

Britney plays blackjack and wants another card if she tells the

Blackjack dealer “Hit Me Baby One More Time.” After all of

Britney’s kids I think she was hit again.


If you choose to stay at the Gold Spike

Hotel and Casino during you vacation to Las Vegas you will be well

rewarded with your choice of location. I am a huge fan of the downtown Vegas

properties but this strip property make my list. You may have seen the Palms Casino and Resort on

television. The Palms Casino and Resort has been the site of many TV

shows. If it is summertime and over 100 degrees I highly suggest you

do not walk the strip. Slots-A-Fun Casino is a fun place to gamble cheaply if you

go there during a slow time. The Luxor Hotel and

Casino of today appears much different then the magnificent building

that was originally there. Just because you may want to

visit an expensive Las Vegas Casino that does not mean you have to

play there.

Luxor Hotel and Casino

New York New York Hotel and Casino

At night time the Palms Casino and

Resort is an absolutely gorgeous building. You are right down by the

Fremont Light Show and all of the casinos and sites located in the

downtown area of historic Las Vegas. What other gaming property in Las Vegas can

offer you a Slurpee? The fact that I can play video poker with bad

odds and drink blue colored Slurpee’s all day makes the 7-11

convenience stores an awesome Las Vegas gaming property.

Image Credit: (Flickr/ (Flickr/Chad Davis)

Slots-A-Fun Casino.

The Gold Spike Hotel and Casino is

located in my favorite part of Las Vegas. It is a popular spot for

amateur photographers to snap a world class picture. If you do want to see the Strip

you are a very short bus ride away. The 7-11 stores are not considered a casino to

most people. The Luxor Hotel and

Casino is really cool for two reasons. I have

never been inside the Palms Casino and Resort except for when I see

this Vegas Hotel on television.

The Slots-A-Fun Casino is located on

The Las Vegas Strip. Fremont Street. I wish they would have kept

the Egyptian theme at the Luxor Hotel and Casino. $3.00 Black Jack is the favorite game of

many people in Las Vegas. They usually have some video gaming machines. On a Sunday when there are only a few cars in there

you can drive your car to the top. The roller coaster is fun…to watch. The other

reason the Luxor Hotel and Casino is so cool is because of the huge

light beaming out from the top of the Luxor into space. The appearance is drastically different,.

The Luxor Hotel and Casino has changed from an Egyptian theme to a

corporate owned casino filled with gimmicky adverting. Do not

attend the Slots-A-Fun Casino on a weekend or any other time the

place is busy. I love the

7-11 stores for gambling. You can also walk if you are not lazy. At least they

have not changed the sweet shape f the pyramid.

The Gold Spike Hotel and Casino has

some lower limit tables such as $2.00 Blackjack. (readers or lookers?) The show is adult oriented

so don’t take Paul “Pee Wee” Reubens with you.

The New York New York Hotel and Casino

was considered a truly amazing architecture and styling casino when

it was first opened. It is modeled after the gr

eat pyramids of Egypt

Horse Breeds of Denmark – The Knabstrup

The skin around the muzzle and genitals is mottled and the hooves are striped. The Classic type is compact and broad.

 Infusions of Thoroughbred blood have done much to resurrect the breed. Mikkel would be driven 40 kilometres to the racecourse, be entered in a race then harnessed up and driven home again. In 1947, another stud farm was set up which was called Egemosegaard and efforts were made to try to re-establish the herd.

The Knabstrup

The Knabstrup, endemic to Denmark, has one of the oldest breed registries in Europe. In 1813, Flaebehoppen gave birth to a multi-coloured spotted colt. Much more judicious breeding has seen the Knabstrup develop into a very useful middle-weight riding horse.

 Another of her foals was Mikkel, a colt sired by his half brother, Flaebehingsten.  Mikkel was incredibly tough and is largely responsible for the Knabstrup’s reputation for stamina and quality. She was sold to a noted breeder of riding horses, Major Villars Lunn and mated to a palomino Frederiksborg stallion.

 Lunn’s estate, in Holbaek, Denmark, was called ‘Knabstrupgaard’. Like the Appaloosa, there is always sclera around the eye. Each horse has its own unique pattern. The leopard is the most popular with black, bay or chestnut spots appearing on a white base. The mane and tail are sparse. Back in 1671, these horses were being bred and the ‘few spot’ type was popular as a carriage horse. Denmark’s indigenous breeds include the Knabstrup, Jutland, Danish Warmblood and Fredericksborg.

The Knabstrup can now be found in many countries including Italy, the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden and the USA.

 However, breeding almost entirely for colour and markings without much regard for conformation and/or temperament, resulted in the breed becoming coarse and disproportionate. The ‘few spot’ is almost completely white but will always throw a spotted foal. Whatever the type, breeders now aim for a quality riding horse. To add to her appeal, she had excellent conformation, great beauty, stamina and speed. It is not particularly refined but a solid, dependable, comfortable ride. Even when Flaebehoppen was mated to a solid-coloured stallion, the progeny were spotted.

The height range is between 15.2hh and 15.3hh. It has a straight profile and a squarish muzzle with open nostrils. The ears are pricked and the eyes friendly and intelligent. It is a strong animal with clean limbs and strong hooves.

 The spotted horses from Knabstrupgaard were highly valued and widely sought after in Europe. The mare was a deep chestnut with a white mane and tail and a spotted blanket. It is used most often as a classical riding horse or as a circus horse. There is a wide variety of different spotting and splashing on a white or roan background. More misfortune followed when, in 1891, a fire destroyed Lunn’s Knabstrupgaard stables and 22 of the top breeding horses were killed. The small head is set onto the neck with a noticeable arch to the clean throat. The Sport Horse has evolved from crossing the Knabstrup with warmbloods, in particular the Danish Warmblood and the Trakehner. It is also known as the Knabstrupper and has a similar range of coat patterns to the Appaloosa.

In 1812, a spotted Iberian mare was sold by her Spanish owner to a Danish butcher called Flaebe. Over a period of time, the breed eventually settled into a strong, plain harness type.

The smallest is the mini which is popular as a pet, circus pony and child’s mount. Although lively and active, they were without vice. They had great endurance and good temperaments. It is highly prized as a circus horse due to its eye-catching colour. This was the first time he was beaten out of first place. 

The Knabstrup was based on Fredericksborg and Iberian blood. The mare was known as Flaebehoppen (Flaeb’s mare). By the 1870s, inbreeding had threatened the continuation of the breed. He was named Flaebehingsten and became the founding sire of the Knabstrup breed. The disposition of today’s Knabstrup is calm and willing.

There are now four types which are recognized by the Danish Knabstrup Association (KNN).. Some still show the all-over spotting of the old Knabstrup.

 Eye-catching colours and patterns in horses, including those with spots, have always attracted interest and the spotted Knabstrup (tiger horse) were widely sought in Europe. When he was sixteen years old, he was injured during a race. The breed is intelligent, tractable and easy to handle. The Sport Horse excels in dressage, show-jumping and eventing. Slightly taller is the Pony type which is popular as a child’s pony. As well as spots, the colt had a metallic sheen to his coat. It was also popular as a mount of the monarch.

Blanket, snowflake, snowcap and ‘few spot’ patterns are all found in the breed

Casino-Gaming :: A Roulette System

This will lower the house edge and up your odds. When you win, you’ll be up $9. (the 4 black squares) This means you’re more than twice as likely to win as you are to lose. Also, always play at a private table. You can only win or lose on the last column, which is the beauty of this strategy, because in the column, you can win on 9 different spots, (the 8 red squares and 0) and you’ll only lose on 4 spots. The $200 bet is the only bet in the progression that doesn’t make you a profit. When I set out to beat Roulette, I did so because for the challenge of beating an unbeatable game. And last but not least, Always play sober. Over all, you should have $27 on the table now. The point is to help any Roulette players who still enjoy the game to become successful at winning. Once the excitement of the challenge was gone, Roulette reverted back to being a very basic and repetitive game. Each of the above bets will win back all previous losses plus give you a profit.

But I’m rambling now, which isn’t the point of this article. The first part of the system is this; There are 3 columns in roulette that pay 2 to 1. So if you’ve been patient enough to read this far, let’s get down to it, shall we?

While you’re playing the above strategy, you’re going to be watching which numbers have been coming up in the corner of the screen and keeping track of the dozens and columns that are appearing. (except for maybe cheating) I also knew that there are people who have made a lot of money playing Roulette for a living, (without cheating) and I thought to myself, haven’t they in a sense beaten Roulette? They didn’t have a fool proof means of guaranteeing victory, but they found a way to win more often than lose, and in my opinion, if you can consistently win at any game, not just Roulette, but any game, you’ve beaten that game. From that point of view, I say Roulette can be beaten, and in a minute, I’d like to share with you a system I used to win consistently at Roulette.

First though, if I know how to win at Roulette, why would I switch to Poker? The answer is simple really. However, the winnings are low and very slow in building up. If you lose the $10 bet, you have to keep going using a martingale betting progression that looks like this;

Aside from the system itself, there are other factors that come into play that are integral to your success. If you want to win $250, be willing to lose $500. You’ve already let one of the columns or dozens go by at least 7 times. What you’re watching for is when one of the columns or dozens doesn’t appear for at least 7 times in a row.

Well, that’s it. But I had an idea. You’ll very rarely see it happen, and by the time it does happen, you’ll have won so many times you’ll easily be able to afford the loss, and you’ll still be up. So for you to actually lose money, the column or dozen you’re betting on would have to not show itself for 16 spins in a row. Drinking impairs your judgement, and when your judgement’s impaired, you’ll make mistakes. To each their own I guess. Once this happens, you’re going to stop using the first part of the system, and change your bet. I think that when most people say Roulette is unbeatable, including Einstein, they mean that there is no way to play the game in a way that will guarantee you victory, which is true. Examples of this are set a one hour time limit. Next, and this is really important, set time and money limits for yourself. It’s your last shot. Each time you increase your bet, the profit you receive gets smaller. That’s why I switched to Poker though. Even when playing in practice mode it’s still fun. Don’t be intimidated by these high bets. I made a lot of money with this system before I couldn’t stand playing that boring game anymore. Mistakes are the last thing you want when you’re putting your money on the line.

It’s a pretty simple and straightforward system that’s actually two systems combined into one. Never go over the limits you set for yourself no matter what, but don’t be afraid to quit while your ahead before you reach your limits if you feel you’re on a losing streak. Although, that train of thought doesn’t apply to everyone. Even when money is on the line it’s still boring. Once you’ve won, go back to part one of the system and repeat the process. (the 7 you already let go by plus 9 bets on top of that) It is extremely unlikely for a column or dozen to not show itself that many times in a row. We’ll cover those first as the system is useless without these factors.

$10, $14, $18, $27, $41, $61, $90, $135, and $200

First things first, always play at a European table because they only have one 0 as opposed to two on the American style table. Even Einstein said it was unbeatable. It’s not hard to keep track of them because you can take as much time as you need, but if you want, you can use a pen and paper to keep track just in case. It’s not quite as exciting as playing for money, but I find it’s one of those games that’s fun no matter what. Whether you’re winning or losing, stop. If you win, the pay is 2 to 1 so you’ll get $30 back, the $10 you bet and $20 in winnings. I knew it was an unbeatable game. Roulette doesn’t have that quality. When you lose, you’re down $27 which is what slows you down. For money limits, have a specific amount that you’re willing to lose in the hopes of winning. (Hey, I said the system had an excellent success rate, I never said it came without risk)

Good luck!

Now that we’ve covered these important factors, let’s move on to the system itself. I’m more of a Poker player these days, (I’ll get to why I switched in a minute) but a couple of years ago, I did nothing but study Roulette. Next, play online instead of a land casino. She loves it though. I only gamble if the game is fun and Roulette just wasn’t fun anymore once I felt I had conquered the challenge. I got bored of it. Your best bet is to be willing to lose twice the amount you want to win. If the ball lands anywhere on the two columns where you bet $9, you’ll win $27, and break even. It only wins back your losses, so if you make it that high you can’t go any higher as you’ll hit the table limit. This is the column were going to focus on for now. If you do still like playing Roulette, I hope this helps. Once the hour is up, stop for the day. On each red square in this column, place $1 and place $1 on 0 as well. If you do make it as high as the $200 bet, you have to make a judgement call. My Mother for example loves Slots, but never gambles on Slots. I think Slots is the most boring game on the planet. This is because the minimum bets are lower online which is an advantage for you, and also there are no distractions when playing online and no time limits. It’s just more fun in my opinion. This is where part 2 comes in.

A couple of years ago, I was really into Roulette. And the last one has 8 red squares and 4 black squares. When you lose, it’s very easy to win back your losses because you win much more often than you lose, but it’s having to win back those losses that makes this a slow strategy. I think the reason most people like Roulette is for the excitement of trying to win money. You’re going to start by betting $10 on the dozen or column that didn’t appear for at least 7 turns. She buys Slot games for her computer and plays for hours just for the love of the game. Another has 6 black squares and 6 red squares. I don’t gamble to win money. It intrigued me. One column has 8 black squares and 4 red squares. On each of the other 2 columns, place $9 on the columns themselves. . You lose, your down a few hundred dollars, $200 more than you would have been if you stopped at the $135 bet. You win, you break even and you’re back to square one

Nevada vs Boston College Odds on ESPN

Nevada’s defense was good enough to rank 36th for points allowed. Colin Kaepernick is a threat for both running and passing as he had 2,830 yards via the air and over 1,100 yards on the ground while Vai Taua was the leading rusher with over 1,500 yards. Heading into Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl picks as touchdown favorites, the Wolf Pack finished 12-1 straight up and 7-6 against the spread with 7 of their games going UNDER the total. Online sportsbooks have opened with Nevada as a 7.5-point favorite in Hunger Bowl picks vs Boston College with an over/under betting total of 55. Coach Chris Ault is a Hall of Famer. The Eagles won their first 2 games, then lost 5 consecutive but rallied to win their final 5 games of the season as 2nd year coach Frank Spaziani got a contract extension after the rally.

Nevada is an offensive juggernaut that finished 2nd overall in the country. The money line at sportsbooks has listed the Wolf Pack as a -300 favorite in 2011 Hunger Bowl odds and the Eagles as a +250 underdog.

The Wolf Pack of course are best known for their thrilling overtime upset win over Boise State which earned them a share of the Western Athletic Conference title and their place in 2011 Hunger Bowl odds. Boston College is a physical “old school” team that ranked 11th for total defense and has a fine back in Montel Harris, who rushed for 1,242 yards and 9 TD’s.

2011 Hunger Bowl Picks: Nevada Wolf Pack -7.5

The next to last game of the season before the Tostitos BCS National Championship takes place from AT&T Park in San Francisco on Sunday night with the 2011 Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl as the Boston College Eagles take on the #15 ranked Nevada Wolf Pack on ESPN at 9:00pm EST. Heading into 2011 Hunger Bowl picks as underdogs, Boston College finished 7-5 straight up and 5-7 against the spread with 9 of their games going UNDER the total. Nevada won their final 6 games of the season while paying out 4 times in that span.

Horse Racing Videos – The Greatest Horse Races of All Time

The embedded video below is just the finish of the race; the full race can be seen at this link.

1987 Breeders Cup Classic – Ferdinand vs. AlyshebaThe two Derby winners hook up in a classic of Classics. Easy Goer

It’s hard to imagine a more dramatic race than this. This is a selection of my choices for the greatest races since 1973, pulled from the great treasure trove of horse racing videos on Youtube. 1988 Breeders Cup Distaff – Personal Ensign vs. From then on, I was hooked on the sport of kings. Sakhee

Taking place just a month after the tragedy of 9/11, this Classic matched defending champion Tiznow against the Arc de Triomphe winner, Dubai-owned Sakhee. East coast stalwart Easy Goer was out to avenge his Derby loss to California-based Sunday Silence. Tom Dirkin’s “Tiznow wins it for America”, may seem a bit over the top in retrospect, but at the time it had a real resonance. Preakness winner Louis Quatorze and Belmont winner Editor’s Note completed the field.

2001 Breeders Cup Classic – Tiznow vs. Winning Colors

The undefeated Personal Ensign in her last career race runs up against the former Derby winning filly, a revivified Winning Colors. Feel free to add your choices for the best races in the comments section below.

1991 Breeders Cup Juvenile – Arazi

The European superhorse Arazi stunned the world with his electrifying move to the front, passing horses like they were standing still. But of course John Henry, one of the smartest horses as well as one of the best, did have a habit of doing that.

1989 Breeders Cup Classic – Sunday Silence vs. Alydar

In the culmination of their great Triple Crown battle, the two greats battle neck and neck around the track, with the game and gutsy Affirmed prevailing by a head. Even though I know who wins, I still found myself leaning in my chair as the two crossed the line together.

What are the greatest horse races of all time? I can’t claim to have seen them all, since my horse racing consciousness only starts with Secretariat’s amazing Belmont Stakes win in 1973, which I watched with awe at home with my family crowded around the TV set. Easy Goer

Who was better, Easy Goer or Sunday Silence? This epic race may have finally answered the question, with former champion Blushing John tossed into the mix for good measure.

1997 Preakness Stakes – Silver Charm et al.

Silver Charm, Captain Bodgit, Free House, and Touch Gold, all amazing horses in their own right, battle it out in one of the best Triple Crown Races ever. Sadly, he never lived up the the hype thereafter, but this amazing race was the real deal.

1978 Belmont Stakes – Affirmed vs. You have to pity The Bart, who looked a winner all the way round only to get out-bobbed at the wire. Did Pat Day move prematurly and comprimise Easy Goer’s chances? Judge for yourself.

1981 Arlington Million – John Henry

The great John Henry made the inaugural running of the Arlington Million a memorable one. Fighting a quarter crack, he may not have been at his physical best here, but his heart was never in doubt.

1973 Belmont Stakes – Secretariat Wins Triple Crown

How could I start with anything else? I still get chills from watching this race, in which the great Secretariat not only sealed the Triple Crown, but shattered the record for 12 furlongs on the dirt. Cigar

Two of the greats of the 90′s hook up in the Jockey Club at Belmont. Note how Alydar fails to switch leads in the stretch, a flaw which may have kept him from besting his rival.

. A desperate finish ensues.

1996 Dubai World Cup Classic – Cigar

The mighty Cigar was going for his fourteenth straight win in the first Dubai World Cup.  Keep an eye on Touch Gold, who stumbled at the break, but may have run the best race of all.

1996 Jockey Club Gold Cup – Skip Away vs. Cigar may have been just a trifle past his sell-by date after a long campaign that year, but he still gave Skip Away all he could handle. Chic Anderson’s superb race call complements the greatest race ever.

1989 Preakness – Sunday Silence vs

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